Why On Earth Wear Non Prescription Glasses?

There are lots of people these days who wear non prescription glasses. And by non prescription glasses, I’m not talking about corrective eyeglasses for short or long sightedness, that people can get their hands on without paying for an eye test and prescription. What I mean is glasses that have plain glass or plastic lenses – they are worn even though the wearer hasn’t got any sight defects.

Now back in the not too distant past, let’s face it. If you wore glasses you were a speccy four-eyes, or a nerd, or a geek, an outcast and fashion pariah. But no longer, no more, my friend. Even in this age of glass and disposable contact lenses, and the dreaded, deliciously terrifying and “future consequenceless” laser eye surgery, people – lots of people – still wear spectacles.

Who knows, maybe there was a meeting of glasses manufacturers and some bright spark thought, ‘Hey, people who need glasses don’t need glasses anymore. Let’s make ’em cool and funky, and then people who don’t need glasses will need glasses!’

Great idea, brainiac! And so fashionable non prescription glasses were born. Today, people who don’t need eyeglasses at all wear their nonprescription glasses as fashion accessories. They spend loads of cash on top designer frames to house their “unlenses”.

Okay, I’m not taking a pop at these folks. Image is everything in 21st century society, and we all need to look our best. And there are a bunch of other reasons why people would want, or need, to wear non prescription eyeglasses.

I’ve already mentioned fashion. And I’m even willing to bet a straw penny that a few celebs will have been out and about wearing non-corrective specs, just as a fashion statement. Nothing wrong with that. There’s also the theory that people who have worn glasses for a long time might yearn for them even after having laser treatment to correct their vision – so they’ll wear the same style of frames but without the corrective lenses. (Of course, they might also wear them to keep their eartops warm!)

You may also decide – on occasion – to go about in cognito, and need a very cunning disguise. What could be more effective at hiding your real identity but a pair of glasses, of the non prescription variety of course – best to avoid borrowing a friend’s real corrective glasses, as your clumsy oafish capers may thwart your attempts to melt into the background.

Right, so we’ve covered style, fashion and disguise. Are there any real reasons to wear them? Protection perhaps. Whether you work in an environment with bits flying around all the time, or in a lab, or just want protection from ultraviolet rays, you ‘ll be able to get eyeglasses to help. A separate case in point would be bikers. If your helmet doesn’t have a visor, it would be very useful to wear eye protection (usually of the cool shaded variety).

This brings us to the most obvious form of non prescription glasses – yes, sunglasses. You can get both corrective and non-corrective sunglasses, and everybody wears them at some point. Now these are – and have always been – cool! All you have to do is make sure the frames don’t vanish out of style, otherwise people will point and laugh at you mercilessly. And so here ends our brief explanation of the ‘point’ of nonprescription glasses.

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